Steelman coach Tom Lin said that it is focused on the battle Brown Competition: there is no need to pay attention to Galt’s grievances.

October 14th (Wen / ESPN Brooke Pryor Compile / Love) When the season Click-Galvland Brown, Mason-Galt, a helmet, to the Pittsburgh Steelman, Swansen – Rudolph’s head, Many fans are looking forward to how Galt once again met the steel man. The sixth round of the NFL regular season, the steel man will be the first time on the stadium. Brown with Galt.

When many people are waiting to see how the two sides will splash splash, the steel man coach Micron Tomlin and his team did not put the attention last year’s grievances. “They are now 4 wins and 1 negative team.” Tom Lin said on Tuesday. “We are trying to remain unbeaten. We don’t need to engage in the tips who like TV shows, but this is really a very important game this season. “

Tomlin’s view is objective, and the steel man is currently in unbeaten, Brown only lost a game. According to the statistics of ESPN, this is the competition of all Brown participated in all Brown in history, and the two sides plus the second high. “I like this competition, the United States of America has always competed fierce, and this year, we are also popular partitions.”

However, despite Tomlin desalinating, now I mentioned the Brown War Steel, I have to talk about the dispute last season. At the last moment of the game, Galt and Rudolph twisted together, Rudolph tried to pull down the Helmet of Galt, and then gumped against the opponent helmet, and the opponent’s head is a touch! Galert suffered an unlimited stop due to the helmet crit event until February, and the steelman was banned by the four-point guards, Lu Dolph was also punished. $ 50,000.

Subsequently, Garet said, the fight is because Rudolph uses racial discrimination words, and Rudolph, the steelman and Tomlin denied this, and the steel man released a statement in November last year. Denger Rudolph uses a word with racial discrimination.

Since then, Galt proposed an appeal to his indefinitely banned, and argued that Lu Dolph was lying; but the NFL a spokesman said that there were no similar evidence that Luolf used insulting speech and maintained a ban. This dispute has led to a fine of 33 players, a fine of more than $ 730,000.

Although last year’s incident is full of wind and rain, Tomlin is particularly emphasized that he doesn’t have to give the team to the team for additional chicken blood last year. “There is really no meaning,” he said, “There are a lot of things in this game, which is itself a major game. I don’t have to add some extra motivation.”

Author: georgesroom