Struck the first blow Steelers three will be able to return to clock off if Bell sky is the limit?

“Three punch” This statement is China’s NBA fans watched summed up after many of the Golden State Warriors game; but in the NFL game, due to the sustained suspense, the situation is “three punch” is not common. Today, however, watch the Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night race fans in the NFL stadium also experience a return to “three punch.”

In the fourth quarter when the game just over 5 seconds, Steelers quarterback Ben – Rod Rees Berg II with the team running back Jay – Samuels completed a six yard pass connection success touchdowns. This was the great books of the game came five touchdowns, and he will score became 52-14,38 point deficit means that the Panthers need at least six possessions to the Scores recover, between the time factor, it is almost impossible. With the Panthers punt once again, they have been powerless.

Just when the audience waiting for Big Ben playing again, to complete his 6th or even 7th passing touchdowns, Joshua – Dobbs leisurely leisurely onto the pitch; the fans see the “mascot” after, happy but also some regret, because the backup quarterback Ben Dobbs appearances meant to work in the game ended. After leaving 25 pass 22, the outgoing 328 yards 5 touchdowns, data passing score of 158.3 points out, this – Lord Rees Berg, three punch out!

Compared with the Big dazzling data, other members of the Steelers offensive group on the data is not so prominent. Throughout the match, but you will find that every offensive team members all have very high performance light. The reason why there are no outstanding data, it is too Big stems from the “rain descends.” Big five touchdowns were received from five different catcher, with James – Connor rushing touchdowns, the Steelers 6 touchdowns were acquired by six players. Juju Yiqijuechen, Connor walk a fine line, Brown’s anything and everything, “Golden Arches” (Vince – McDonald) flying the moon, and even Big Ben are out of the longest yardage the Steelers road 18 yards; this group of Steelers offensive, what can not it?

Compared with the group of radiant offensive, defensive rage fruit group decision favorably. The whole game they resorted 5 sack, quarterback seven times the impact, 2 times off the ball and manufacture 1 steals. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton – often face rapidly narrowing pocket, then fled to escape the situation; the ability to run known “Superman” seems to fall into Pittsburgh’s “green kryptonite” of the marsh. Even Christian – McAfee have superhuman powers, advancing 138 yards Lianpao then scored three touchdowns, but also can not let the Panthers Come fate of failure.

Let’s take a look at the Steelers have done things right today: 52 points is the highest single-game score they get in since 1984. Big performance in the game so that he became the first Super Bowl era can be heard five times or more touchdowns in two games and scoring the ball out of the quarterback (2007, 38-7 in Big Ravens beat the game 16 pass 13 in the outgoing 209 yards 5 touchdowns, quarterback rating out). In his career, he has completed six 5+ touchdowns of the game, including five games is no steals in the game, which he and Peyton – Manning tied for the completion of 5+ touchdowns since 1950 0 steals third multi-player game. As for this week’s AP Offensive Player Tell me what you can not think, basically Big scheduled.

In addition to the game, something interesting also successfully led to everyone’s attention. Although the Steelers boss before the game has been announced before the main running back Le Weiang – Bell will return to the team, and Bell also frequently tweeted this game for James – Connor and juju – Smith Sishu Manchester thumbs up. But in terms of the Steelers game exhibited by the attack, they do not seem to need before the starting running back help. This allows Bell and his associate broker team quarterback thing wage level sounds like a joke, but Bell’s “taking Declaration” is to become the object of many fans Tucao.

Ever since returned to Pittsburgh after Bell’s every move have become the focus of attention of fans; although not yet rejoin report, but information on all aspects of view, Bell will definitely return to the team, and this season should not be cut Lose. But this return to the Steelers opportunity for him personally is a worst time. After a wave of five straight, the Steelers strong leader Midland North – James Connor outbreak so that the team’s offensive structure is more balanced, and touchdowns data Tropicana nine games and has a career-high Bell touchdowns data flat out. How then returned to the locker room after Bell, in addition to make the atmosphere even more embarrassing than, what can be done?

The next game for the Steelers, it is a top priority of the game, their opponents last year kept them out of the American League finals of the Jacksonville Jaguars! I believe the Steelers all the soldiers are ready simmering breath, “Revenge”, while Le Weiang – whether Bell played in this game, you become another focus of attention.

The firepower of the Pittsburgh Steelers to pose to the world’s powerful declaration: black gold Army Corps or the shining black gold!

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