Text / two good two bad, Zhang Zihan According to Japanese media reports, Japanese duty rod NPB’s Qi Yumi Wushu announced that Zuo Chiki Xiongt will be placed in the list of bidding in Friday, and the free player in this offense has a name.For a long time, Chrysanthemati has always expressed a positive attitude towards the Tung Turmer, in fact, in 2009, he was unlimited near the big alliance. At that time, he had just graduated from high school, considering giving up NPB’s draft, directly with a MLB team. The NPB finally spent a very large strength to persuade him stay in Japan, and another Japanese top show, the high school did not enter the NPB of NPB after graduation, the NPB was jumped directly into MLB.The 27-year-old Chrysanthemati is listed in Japan’s best pitcher’s candidate list, oh, don’t think too much, he is not the two knife flow of the valley, he is just pure pitcher. This season, he was a 163.2 bureau in 23 games, and the self-blade rate is 3.08, and 153 three vibrations were cast.Zuochi will make a free market in Zuoshual. The original Houston spaceman Dallas – Kelgur, the original Arizona Rattles of Patrick Colibin and the original New York Yangji’s Ja-Hap is the top three in the market before the market, Chaochi is at least three people. Years, his contract prices may also be willing to most teams.In order to make the reader better understand this Japanese new pitcher, this article lists some of his key information:The gesture of the gesture, Zuo https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Chry Chry Chrysanthemachi, with unparalleled speed and pressure, and a fireball of 157 km / h.Want to hit the free market, Chrysanthemum is too powerful.As mentioned earlier, this season he mainly investigated 163.2, the self-sharing rate of 3.08, showing 153 three vibrators, and he rushed by 23.4% of the player, while the overall triple of NBP was 18.9% (MLB was 22.3). %).From the 2011 season, he was 20 years old. Juchi is the first firing of Xiwu. In some years, he was suffering from the injury. In May, he took a while because of his shoulder problem. Until the 2016 season he cast a 140 game, this is his last three years of pitching data:2016 season 143 self-blade points 2.58 was orthographed by 1.29 per 9 bureau Zhen 8.0 per nine bureau to keep 4.2 every 9 games 0.42017 season 187.2 Self-sharing rate 1.97https://www.mlbdrakterno.com is rampted by 0.91 every 9 bureau Sanzheng 10.4 per nine bureau to keep 2.3 every 9 bureau hits 0.82018 season 163.2 bureau self-blade rate 3.08 was laxted by 1.03 per 9 bureau Zhen 8.4 per nine bureau to keep 2.5 every 9 bureau hits 0.9He has accumulated the 1035.1 bureau of 1035.1, and the self-vibration rate is 2.81,925. He three degrees selection NPB all-star, but he has never received the honor of Japan’s best pitcher from the village. It is equivalent to the competition.Juchi Xiongxing Japanese seniors in MLBHow can Japan’s new left videos feature?Like many other Japanese pitks, the spheres of Chrykech are very rich, he has several change balls and fingers. The scout report issued by Dennis Lin in the “Sports” (Dennis Lin) was recorded as follows:Chrysanthemachi has the qualifications of https://www.fanartikelsportde.com the big league, and his speed is continuously stable around 95 miles, and his curve, scorpion and flyzed ball are on average. There is a scouting to evaluate him “It’s a good pitcher”, “it is not really good, but the content of the pitch is solid.”The scout report by Jason Coskrey this year is displayed:The pitch of Juchi is solid, and he is a name, which always increases the factors of pitcher attraction. He has achieved success, some factors make him excellence, like the Snake Pitcher, Wild Jiashou, he will refer to the fork, and the scorpion is also very standard. I am uncertain about what extent, I am very like, and I am very difficult to say.Looking back in Pine, Dabu has been repaired, and the field will only leave Japan, they are considered to have the potential of the king players and slaughter the https://www.fanbutikk.com big league. Juchi did not go to this extent, he is not a potential ace, but it can be said to be a very good first pitcher. Ideally he can refer to Colbin, the latter investment this year’s breakthrough level.In addition, since Kumin Training is extremely hard, it has been targeted to make big weight training. Therefore, he has a rise in recent years in recent years. Japanese Tertit Dialect, Juchi Xiong Xingyi season training intends to increase the lower limbs and back power. Not only putting squats into training subjects, but also mixed with American athletes favorite straight leg miles.This year, the big Valley of the Los Angeles Angel team launched a total star ball of MLB agencies.I want to have a new choice of Chrysanthemum to the end of the hot door.Specifically, which teams have seriously want https://www.maillotspascherfr.com to pursue Zixiao, and Juxi does not have an accurate statement on the team. Some of the small news now can reveal. According to Kyoto News Baseball Reporter Jim Allen, September . But the ball detective is obviously not as luxurious in Great Valley.However, any team is impossible to send someone in Ju Chiki all year. This list is just that these teams have people at the scene. In fact, it is very likely that each large alliance team will send people to track this year. NS.Songsa has been promoted by the Major League of the Major AllianceWhat is the system like football transmissions?The approach is generally understood, which can be understood as “transfer fee” in football. In order to protect their rights, NPB stipulates that if the MLB team wants to marke a non-free player from Japan, it must be bidding a https://www.mlbboutique2.com Japanese in 4 days. It is called “posting fee”. This money does not enter the player pocket, but the economic compensation for the NPB parent team to let the player. If the NPB parent team is satisfied with the highest bid, this MLB team gains the right to negotiate with the player. In the 30 days, the two sides can sign a player contract. If not talking, it will return to the MLB team. If the NPB parent team is not satisfied with the gold bid, it can also choose the end process.The earliest is not capped on the top, so the pine is auxiliary, Dabi has reached the five-six million dollars in Phujin. Later, MLB was applied to NPB, setting up $ 20 million in Kanjin, and Yanji will pay the price of the Northeast Lotte Golden Eagle in the field.Last year, MLB and MLB players will once again jointly apply to NPB, and they https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com will be changed again. Because this modification has occurred before the Tale Xiangping’s transaction, the cost of the Los Angeles Angel bidding is still 20 million. This year’s Jane Poetry will adopt the latest progressive proportional algorithm:Part of the contract amount below $ 25 million: 20% of the amountPart of the contract amount is from 25 million to 50 million US dollars: 17.5% of the goldPart of the contract amount exceeds 50 million US dollars: 15% of the quadrantIt should be pointed out because the valley is very young, subject to the limit of the international free player by the MLB, so the big valley and angels signed a small alliance contract, which has a contract of 21.35 million US dollars, and the whole contract is the price of cabbage. Juchi has passed this age, and his contract amount will definitely not be so low.Under the current NPQ system, the NPB parent team can list the players within November 1st to December 5th, followed by a 30-day consultation window period. This ensures that the MLB team with the Japanese player is not waiting for too long. For example, the field is not listed in January, so that his MLB team is very difficult in winter break.Although Chrysanthemone is expected to have a very high journey of gold like Dabu, Tianzhong or Da Valley, he is indeed a good pitcher, 27 years old and left-vocal factors let him have a considerable bidding space. Those teams that are unable to “golden gold” Kemer and Corbin can cast the line of sight to Chrysanthemum, as a nice alternative.

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