The boss puts up the battle, and the star is straightforward: I want to win now.

If you think that the Auckland raid team is sent to Carrier Mark and Amary-Cooper, it will be ruined when it is wrong. At least they died in the Sunday’s game, proved that the team’s tricks still exist, and the team’s family four-point guards in Interview on Wednesday, maybe The team’s uniform group originally planned the draft draft strategy overturned.

“To be honest, I want to put the team’s draft,” Carl said in an interview, “I don’t want to have a champion on next year’s draft conference, I want to win all the games behind, although I do this Will make many people to give me an angry because of the decline in the draft, but I am now wanting to win the game. “

After winning the red scitch, the raids have already pulled their record with the red rheina and 49 people, the same is 2 wins and 8 losses; although the current group of 2019 is born in these three teams, but jet , Bill, American tiger, giant and pirates are only one (3 wins and 7 losses). Therefore, the competition between the homarks is still very intense from the current. According to the eSPN’s draft, the raid team is currently in the second place in this list, which is the second place in this list.

This season is a big racing season. After signing with a contract of 10 years of $ 100 million, the leader of the super bowl coach Jue En-Grunette, the team sent away the trump of the trump line. External Brake, the record is rapidly entered the reconstruction stage. It is determined that the raid people will be very busy in the first day of the draft selection conference because they have three first rounds of draft. Not exclude they will trade down to exchange more two or two rounds, because their player structure problem.

“These draft rights do not help us add the team in the free player market.” Team Board Mark Davis said in recent ESPN interviews, “If you look at our team’s current lineup, you will find that There are a large number of contract players; yes, they are great players, they are a part of the raid, once, now, forever. But they can’t provide sufficient talent for our 22 players. “

Derk Carl said that the winning of the present is to establish confidence in the future. “We have a lot of young players, I think if you can break a lot of people’s imagination, they all know what happened, we face anything, but in this case, why don’t we win some games? What? This is too cool for these young people. “

Carl has four days to prove his remarks, and his opponent will be the full League defensive strength top Baltimore Collus.

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