The defending champion Terminator Jinbrer joined the bears season next game to call the Sky?

Written / Zhang Zihan

MLB awareness of the big league two months, Chicago bears became a few teams who were able to say high in the Los Angeles tags that were able to fierce in the country. Now, I have been breaking the centuries of the curse for a hundred years, I have passed 3 years, and the bears won the lineup of Harvey, Bayz, Chris Bryant and Anthony-Rizuo, just in the yesterday team. The shack will be guarded.

The Chicago Bear is a “scorpion king” Craig-Gold Breil-Baseball history one of the best terminations in the history of baseball. As a gift of Jinbrele, the bear team was on the throne of the country in the country, officially started the other two partition champion Philadelphians and Dodges.

The seventh all-star pitcher Craig – Kim Breier is signed with the bear team for a three-year value of $ 43 million in a contract. Because the signing of the contract occurs after the draft, the draft compensation is no longer a problem. One of the reasons why the compensation of the Drago compensation or the Sunday seventh sign is so slow. There are a number of teams who have passed away from him, but the last Jin Brell has been a signing contract for 7 months. Another “victim” Dallas – Kagl did not find someone since the same reason.

Career data scenery is infinite last year’s post-match

Turning around Craig – Gold Breil’s career data, he is really going forward to the road to the famous Hall. At present, he has already accumulated 333 rescue success. He is a rescue king of active service. On the historical list, Jinbrell’s 14th winemaker from the historical rescue king – Skys, Ronald, and if Kim Breier continued the previous rescue skills, he beyond K- after a few years later Rod Francisco – Rodrigs ranking history fourth.

Jinbuleier strikeout ability is amazing, only four kinds of main battle ball seam fastball and curveball with one finger but full power. Major League currently only just left the Milwaukee Brewers force investment Josh – Bernhard and New York Yankees Gu Bate Express Arodis – check 普曼比金布雷尔 of K / 9 14.7 higher value. The most important measure of a pitcher’s earned run average critical data, ERA was only 1.91 Jinbuleier career there.

But why such a brilliant
career Jinbuleier data can now drag signing? The main reason is the “collapse” during the playoffs last year, during the 2018 playoffs, the Boston Red Sox as the Terminator Craig – Jinbuleier sudden malaise, the entire ERA up to 5.91 in October.

So this explains why – Chris Searle voted the World Series last of the ninth inning, because Jinbuleier just destroyed two points the previous night. There are scouts noticed Jinbuleier fastball last year, the iconic ball drop slightly during the playoffs and the magnitude of the fall has always been a big curve ball hitter decline of attractiveness.

October’s performance seriously hurt Jinbuleier degree hot in the free agent market, even more worrying is that the broker insisted Jinbuleier not let the location of the ninth inning. Last year in the World Series the Red Sox lost to the Dodgers had recruited Jinbuleier interest, but said he Jinbuleier how to share the opportunity to feel worried and rescue team headed Terminator Johnson for the future, not to mention Johnson from the 2012 season to take up the task of closing, will not rescue point plate.

According to major league sources, the “Scorpion King” Jinbuleier seeking six-year $ 120 million contract during the winter. As the veteran status and do not want to put down the Terminator figure, he finally came to bear only accept 3-year $ 43 million contract.

Cubs signed the new season, both internal and external 约金布雷尔 left hand down the right hand?

Chicago Cubs have been trying to maintain a complete facelift in the case of budgetary control. Before signing 约金布雷尔, Cubs this season and has not signed any player in a complex contract. During spring training, when asked why the team this year when it took so little money, Bear boss Thomas – Ricketts admits: “It’s a very easy question to answer, the team is already high salary levels, no excess the budget. “

In fact, the 2019 season, the Cubs that there are some internal and external, president of baseball operations Theo – Eppstein and general manager Joe – Madden was exposed contradictions start of the season but the two work together to clarify the rumors, but has not renewed the contract Madden 2019 may be his advice in Chicago last season. Cubs shortstop since leaving Addison – Russell criticized by the media, Russell earlier this year for violating the terms of MLB family violence and was banned for 40 games.

May 8, are getting a divorce action in this World Series MVP – Zobrist was included in a restricted list of players can not play. Until now Zobrist also because of the division of property lawsuit did not return to the 25-man squad, head coach Madden on the matter to the Chicago Sun-Times has acknowledged that the absence of the team must be prepared for Zobrist season.

So the team bosses have spoken no cap space, the Cubs is where the money sign 约金布雷尔 it? Because Zobrist on a restricted list of players, so this season’s $ 12 million salary in suspension. Baseball experts believe the Cubs likely “left hand down the right hand” with the money gave Craig – Jinbuleier.

Jinbuleier perfect complement coming away empty Bear fight Dodge

Prior to joining Jinbuleier, Cubs pitchers have always been two turns close, cast blame Steve – Xi Sheke and Pedro – Manchester Grumman play it all depends on the coach schedule, it currently has five saves in. Cubs original Terminator Brandon – Morrow last year after joining the Cubs have a 1.47 ERA as well as 22 saves in a good performance, but the tragedy too quickly, Morrow seriously injured elbow since July last year not appearances.

Although Eppstein, president of basketball operations said recently that Morrow had practice can pass at a distance of 75-90 feet, but he is more likely to be the end of the season to return to court. So far this season the Cubs relievers have messed up 23 saves in 11 opportunities, and what does not crash the ninth inning frustrating than leaving the team, so sign Morrow injured on Jinbuleier perfect complement the vacancy.

Jinbuleier face career earned run average four NL Central team only 1.54, 40 saves in complete, but also led the Cubs joy is that he is very good at cast NL Central Brewers strong rise, not only 12 appearances no missing points, was batting average is down to 1 percent or less.

2016 championship team are still the main players still contribute to the team: Bryant and a third baseman Rizzo checks, Bai Yezi and Russell two trips defense is still exciting and catcher Wilson – Conte Carreras’s ability to stop killing more than three years ago, there is progress. Ace left-hander Jon – Kyle Lester as well as Celeron – Hendricks can be starting at key events, while Cole – Hamme Wales as well as Jose – Quintana’s arrival to ensure that the starting rotation the depth of the Japanese pitcher Darby repair has also slowly get back the state.

With the advent of Jinbuleier, the Chicago Cubs hope to widen the gap with the Milwaukee Brewers in the division title fight contention. Last season, plus a game in the regular season, the Brewers won the division title after forcing the Cubs to play a wild card life and death battle. This season, the Cubs and Brewers Battle may rise to a new level, the Brewers might signings in the All-Star break.

Cubs will be in the June 13 visit to Dodger Stadium. Jinbuleier unlikely to appear in the game, after all, since November, he has not faced any major league hitters, he may depart from the 3A state then slowly adjust to the big league 25-man squad. Winnie the last three playoffs twice with Dodge confront each other, face to face if given the opportunity again this year in October, then Jinbuleier will play an important role in the game.

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