The eight team wants to come to the season to solve these problems defending championships at the end of the year.

The regular season ended the seventh week of the battle, seeing the season in the season, and the situation in the standings in the standings is different. However, some of us that we think that it may be a strong competitor of a superbit, there is still its own problem. On October 30th, the deadline is coming to the eye.

Jacksonville American Tiger

Brek Burtes may be the only player who has a full union dare to admit that he is not a four-defense of the birth of the ball. The 2014 exploration show has a lot of defects, including the poor pocket movement and the passive ball that has not been changed. Last season, the United United States tiger was too expanded last season, causing the management mistakenly judged the situation, and even believed that Burts was the four-dimensional guard of the team, but also signed a big contract with him. The team did not let Burtas feel competitive, but to choose Burtes to live a half in three games, others are given to the defensive group. The idea is good, but as the team offensive is getting worse, the defensive group lost the elite level. The fifth week has a 5 mistakes in the axiate, and then two mistakes have occurred in the last two weeks. Teammates never know that Bortes on the standing is an angel or a devil, and the American tiger needs to give Burtz pressure, and even need to replace him.

Houston Dezhou offensive front line

The whole world knows that Texas populated bags have problems, from them, when they cut the star, Duan-Brown traded to Seattle, I was buried today. Have a break in the end – Sodore, Texas people choose to use the main force of Serentel-Henderson, Zach, Fulton and Seneo-Clemet, Juline – Dawenport, Kundal-Ram and New Xiu Marthenas-Lanjin as a rotation. These people consisting of sharp lines, as a result, Det Shan Watson’s 7 games encountered 68 impact ranking alliances. In addition, no four-defense has more than 52 times, and the formation of a sharp line is a vast and going to work hard. Texas is difficult to change in a short time.

Tennesi Titan External Army

First, the main coach Mike Flabell is put on the two-point conversion, and the Titan team has more important issues. This season, the Titan’s ball is extremely ugly. They are still good at dragging their opponents in the rhythm of their opponents. The offensive group lacks a decent external hand, Cori-Davis, Thawan-Taylor and Joen Smith San 2017 draft players do have a big development space, but the team does not have a “old driver” Exterior band with them. Losing Draney Walker and Pavement support, Marcus Mario Tak has no way to continue to advance, and will pass the passage of a profound distance.

Kansas City Chief Defense 2

The salary cap of the chief is basically concentrated in the defensive group, Justin Houston is 20.8 million US dollars to occupy a team 11% salary cap, and the line Wendi-Ford also has nearly 10 million US dollars. On the other hand, unless the trading comes to the occupational bowl level of Patrick Peterson, Bob Saton does not support the team’s second-line defense. 7 games, the defensive group released 435.4 yards, this number spelled with the Saints in the 2012 season. Safety Wei, Erick, who was selected for the occupational bowl, was still fighting with the foot, and the chief is really expected to be a savior?

Atlanta Falcon Defense Group

The entire Matt-Lan is in charge of the Falcon, the Falcon defense reaches the highest point in the season, the speed of the line Weidon-Jones and the safeguards of Swannan-Neil can advancing the team. However, the cornerstone of the two defensive groups was injured in September. The defense of the Falcon resumed the generous state again, and almost every game has to fight against the opponent. Last week against the giant, even Xiaoman will almost get 400 yards. At present, the Falcon’s defensive group ranking is second, just a little better than the Tampawan pirates that have just fired the destinatory group coach.

Minnesota Viking offensive front line

Although Watson is knocked down the number of crowns, there is no more than the Wiki people to put more pressure. Fortunately, Cork Cousz, with experience in the experience and once again, throws a wonderful pass to Adam – Belon, Stephen Dides and Kyle Rudolph. The problem is that the offensive front line has always been such a way, especially in the first 7 games in the team, only 2 pavements have passed the 100 yards. Let Darwin-Cook recover from injuries and cannot make up for the ability to attack the front line.

Los Angeles Lightning Specialist Group

Last season, the flashing team was the worst team of the special group pit. If it is not 0-4, it will enter the playoffs. Counseling period, lightning signed the Carreb – Stegis, as a result, he was missing four additional points in the first five games, and then injured and injured the disease. In the past two weeks, the newly signed Michael-Bergley 10, but he wanted to light up, it is hard to win this job. In addition to this, the special team does not only play a problem, and their specialist group is the first place.

Philadelphia Eagle Wizard will not fight

The fourth section leads 17 points, and finally be reversed from the black panther, the older eagle lost the lowest spot, and the chance to enter the playoffs also falls 38.8%. The four games lost by the defending champion were all within 6, which made people question the combat capabilities of the team’s work. The injury of the team invaded the technical position, and several generals who can stay in the scene will be injured. It is good in the state of Wenz. Can you take over the competition in the fourth section, and get to the fate of the eagle.

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