The first security guard is traded to make the lion people who are self-dangerous? Corner Wesse said the current "no safety"

October 25 (text / ESPN Michael Rothstein Compile / Love) QUANDRE DIGGS is trading to the Haiying team’s things have been in the past two days, but the Detroit Lion Team is a corner Darius Slay talks about this is still excited. He doesn’t understand why the team is doing so, and it is not sure how the team’s future trend is.

“No matter how much my blood is invested, I’m coming to NFL just a business.” Sher said, “So the truth is the case, in my opinion, no one in the team is ‘safety’.” In his opinion, In the unsafe list, there is even herself; Sher refuses to stay in Detroit after the deadline of the trading, the opposite, the two professional bowls are unified, he can play anywhere, nor does it care if it will be traded. .

When asked if he wanted to stay in the team next week, Sigh broke out. “I will be willing to be left? Or go to other places? I can only say that I am coming to play. I am not important to it, I want to do it.” When asked if it was asked When I was willing to play for the lion, Sager emphasized his point of view. “Where is it not important, can play it!”

Said later, Sher may realize that his own statement may be fermented, so he has clarified his remarks in social media. He said that he likes Michigan, just do not like the cruel business of the league. The 28-year-old corner is still a season from his contract. He tried to ask for a new contract through the dismissive period.

Since the second round of the second round in 2013, Sresearch has been playing in the team, step by step into the team’s leading corner. He frankly did not worry that he was traded before the transaction deadline. “This is my least worrying thing,” Sher said, “To tell the truth, I don’t care about this; just like I said, I am just playing; no matter where I am, stay in the team or go anywhere, I Will continue playing. “

However, this does not mean that he is not known for others. A few days ago, he was asked with Digs’ deal to explode, he said, he did not be told the reason, he asked Dedg, Diggz did not tell him. He frankly won’t go to Bob Quinn or Cohandham – Patric Patricia.

“I will not discuss with them, this is their problem.” Sher said, “I can do it, I am playing on time, playing well; I and their work relationship does not need to discuss the relationship of the details of the transaction details, It is okay to do your own business. “Si Le said that he only knows that he is still in Detroit,” I want to win the game, this is the case. “

Because of the injury of the leg, Sresearch did not participate in training on Wednesday and Thursday, but he was in the next round of the game’s game in the game. He has already contributed 16 hugs, 3 passed down, and pick up the ball and the performance of the 1 time, helping the lion team won 3 games.

During his career, 85 games have been played for this team, contributing 18 teleculations and 94 passes, in 2017, I have been selected for a while, and I have participated in the occupational bowl over the past two years.

However, Sager said that he felt the heart of the NFL’s cold and ruthless transactions. “No one can be spared,” he said, “This is NFL, you know, there is no team’s loyalty in their eyes; no matter how much effort you invested for this team, as long as they feel slightly If you have anything, you can trader you. So, I just want to play a good ball. “

When asked if this is only a lion team, after all, last season trading deadlines, the team traded the main outner of Gorden Tat, Sheric denied such a statement. “No, this situation is everywhere, it is everywhere.” He said, “If you see Earr-Thomas, it will be clear, such a thing is everywhere; in NFL, business is business.”

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