The legendary four-point guard 49 is going to come out? Originally the account was stolen and Uling

As one of the legendary quarters in the history of the Green Bay packaging team, Brett Falv is always active in the field of vagades. When the little brother Rogers were questioned, he came out of maintenance; the primary school brother Murlen (49 people tailored four-point guard) performance, he appeared to play Call; Bris broke his record, he did not lose the time Blessing. And he recently made a lot of fans in a social media.

Not long ago, Falv’s social media released a photo of the 31st super bowl, while Fvere had the text of this photo, but the words paid by the blood. “The real champion is in the direction of his own, I will come out from the retired life, returning to NFL in the 2020 season!” Although this dynamic was deleted, this news was still circulating, people I also guess whether Fver is really returning again, although he is 49 years old.

In fact, 49 years old seems to be an age that is impossible to return to the game, but for the “Faith” that has been in the NFL world, this is not completely impossible. During his trip, he boldly, sharply said. The number of passed codes of 71838 yards was maintained for nearly 6 years before being broken by Dabanyin and Bris. Even in 2017, Falfer, who has retired for 8 years, also demonstrated his excellent passage, and he expressed its full confidence and capable of completing the NFL level. Collide it.

However, as the alliance’s offensive style is increasingly increasing to pass, and the wind direction of the current alliance is designed to make the four-dimensional sabot quickly select quickly. The fans are naturally expected that Fat is really prone to what he said, “the old man chats to the juvenile mad” once. However, Ffer’s response made these people who expect him to re-wear jersey to completely fall. When TMZ Sports Inquiry Favue Social Media Dynamics about “Reset”, Falf explained that some people stolen his social media account, and he did not have no return, he could not be like Raphael – The 50-year-old Palmero can also sword on the stadium.

This may be a bad thing for some teams. After all, when you pass this news, you can imagine that some teams should need him, even as a guiding type four-point guard, helping young people grow up. Great. Unfortunately, unfortunately …

Author: georgesroom