The MLB San Diego priest announced this morning that the team will put the star pitcher Chris Padak to the Ersino Houdom of the High-Order A-level League, which corresponds to the team will put the 3A level. The small alliance called rescue pitcher Robert Stoke.The priestball group has been restricting the number of rookie pitcher Padak’s competition this year. It is reported that the lower alliance is also planned. First, Papadak is the best and strong competitor of the MLB National Affairs of this year. At present, he first sends 12 games, and

the self-blame is maintained in a beautiful 3.15, and the average number of people per base is only 0.93.

Padak’s first seven big alliances first called a perfect self-blade score of 1.55, but the five games have been in good condition, only one in six games, some of them Up to 5.76 is not said to be knocked out 8 homes. The decentralized small alliance, the priest team mainly hopes that he can adjust the status to reheact with the team in a shorter time.

Padak was transferred to the professional player after the session of the season, he had never been more than 90 games. After the 2016 season, he only had a merger of 1A and 2A last year, and Padak quickly came from the small alliance last year, but the priest The ball is very conservative to his use, and he doesn’t want him to bear the secondary harm.

Later this month, the
priest team will be relaxed, so they are likely to temporarily set up a quadratic first lineup in the next series.

If Padak stays in the small alliance for more than 20 days, the team will lose contract options, so the priest hopes that he can return to the lineup before 20 days.

Author: georgesroom