The most expensive striker in NFL! Eagle Four-year 565 million resinabit

November 12 (Wen / ESPN TIM MCMANUS Compile / Aibao) refers to the strong in the NFL team, perhaps most fans will think of the “universe” attack front line of the Cowboy. However, in the construction of the offensive front line, their co-district, the enemy, the Eagle, is also not a lot. And their investment on the offensive front line is more than the cowboy, “there is no difference.”

Recently, the team has completed the renewal of Brand Brandon Brook, and Brandon Brooks has also made Brooks a striped strike in the history of the league. According to the report of ESPN, Jadang-Shefte said that this contract was 4 years, with a total value of $ 56.5 million, of which the guarantee was as high as 30 million US dollars. With this contract, the Eagle will also retain Brooks until 2024.

Although the contestred tear in the competition in the Saint team last year, Brooks recruited this season, and experienced a team of team offensive, Jeff – Strand called “The best” Season. So far, his pavement offensive opening efficiency list all the first offensive front line players; his defensive punching blocks column of the third place, the first place of sharp line players; 1.1% release pressure percentage for all offensive front lines The second low of the players; 99.4% of the anti-polishing efficiency is the second place of all offensive front line players. So far, he only released four-point guards!

In the score of PFF, Brooke has reached 93.4 points, leading all of the alliance all offensive front line players. This score is also the fourth high striker in the statistics of NFL data from PFF.

When the Eagle is selected in the election meeting, Did Dradad is the top level of the professional bowl level.

As long as this offensive front line can maintain health, stabilize, four-point Wei Kason-Wenz has always advocated the focus of building offensive front lines and defensive front lines, from him to the defensive sharp lines to sign a serious signing. Nowadays, as long as he is still the general manager of the Eagle, the team is not changed; and Brooks renewal may be just a beginning.

Author: georgesroom