The NFL coach bar is smashed with the blonde woman, being taken, and his wife saw grandson at home.

On October 4, local time, the 30th team of the US Football League (NFL) – Jacksonville America Tiger team’s head of Urban Meyer, published an open apology statement, to his Family and team and team boss apologize. The reason why Maiye has to apologize, not because the team lost in the last game, but because he is overported in the bar.

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Jacksonville American Tiger team lost the game in Cincinnati, Ohio, as the team’s head coach, did not return to Florida, but stayed in the local area, because his home is there, he said to the team Accompany your family. The next day he went to a bar to drink, and his series of moves was also captured. From the social media, a video of 9 seconds, I am sitting on a high chair, and I am “ear-eyed” with a blonde, but not only the other’s body seems to be on the other side. Two people look very intimate.

For this video, Maiye did not explain too much in apologies, but there were many people angel broking ipo newsto find him on the day, and they also tried to play him in the dance pool, “I should leave.” However, it is obvious that Maiye did not “innocent” as he he said, and after the video flow, the other photos were also in social media. Another beautiful lady sent a photo, which is written “Who is this person who is constantly flirting with me?”

Asked the lady who was constantly flirting with Mai, is not the only stranger with Maijie box that night. The lady who took photo with this NFL instructor in the same bar is really a lot, and it is enough. intimate.

At the moment, when I lived in the bar, his wife, Shelegle, was taking care of two grandson. From the photos, you can know that the night is because of the bar’s birthday party, and Snow Raisi can’t go through the grandson, and the sure is in the social media, telling the fact. But it is estimated that Snow Raisi will not think that the husband who is married for 35 years will be the same, but then there is only the laughter of football news malayalamothers.

Myeev Women has two children in 35 years of marriage, son Nessen and daughter Jeissla, and a family looks very happiness. For the move in the bar, the netizens did not fall to the ground, and some people think that Mysi didn’t want the girl near himself. The hand was still in the other side, and it was also a further stop. near. However, more people think that Maiye is married and claims that they love their own wife, he should also stay away from his place at the time.

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