The patriot offensive coach contract exposure 5 years huge salary makes it abandoned pony

Josh Mc Daniels

Josh Mc Daniels

In February this year, Josh McDaniel first accepted the invitation of the Indianapolis ponyt team, decided to go to the head of the latter, and then temporarily repent, decided to stay in Folksburg, continue to serve as the Patriot team Group coach. This incident also became a major controversy in the NFL station.

Chris Baraard, General Manager of McDaniels, General Manager, General Manager, is very dissatisfied. After all, Indianapolis also needs to rethink the candidates of new head coaches, but McCaniel is really enough reason to stay in New England.

According to the insider, in Mc Daniel, inform Barader, he will give up the horses’ main coach, and he also received a five-year renewal contract from the Patriots team. It is reported that McDaniel is also meeting with the management of the Patriot Team before receiving this contract. Patriot Team Lord Bill – Bilchik and Boss Robert Kraft participated in this meeting.

The venish also said that this contract made McDaniels an offensive group coach in the alliance. His annual income will exceed $ 4 million.

From the contract period and amount of this renewal contract, the Patriot team has absolute confidence in McDaniels. Regardless of whether the new England is deemed to be the successor of Hemai Bier Bilchk, at the time of Tom Braddy is still playing, the Patriot team wants to use such a high salary to continue the team. Attack firepower.


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