The ram is handsome and evil to engage in the same district.

As everyone knows, there is an unwritten rule in the American sports circle, and the rookie enters the league, the first year of the United States, the servo, the old team, the end of tea, the bag pay, go to the fast food restaurant to buy burger donuts These lives Homes are always on a meal. Arizona Red Star Coach Clerv – Kesbury entered the alliance in the first year, but as coach did not mean that he would not be all.

Los Angeles Rasham Coats Shuen McDe is a prank fan, as as a meal with Jinsuri, causing the procons of the rickets “no”. This, the reporter Adam-Shevt speared a fun story for the fool’s Day this day, a day of McDe and Kingsbury went out to eat, the chief quarter guard Patrick – Mahmus is also there, the horse Homus was a Trusteberry in Texas.

Mike Wei changed a friend of his own memo to the name of the League President “Roger Gudel”, and then letting this friend send him a text message, so, Jinsuri put it in the case. McDon recalls: “I arranged ‘Goodel’ to send me a text message: ‘I can’t believe that you have dinked with Kinsibury, Mahms, you don’t understand the rules of the league, you are naked Illegally touch other team players, wait, you have two draft sign! “I went to Kinsibury to watch SMS, he is like hitting a ghost. I said with my friends, you are best I immediately called the Red Scooter Jinsuri, and he thought that his own chapter was signed. “The fake Gudel is a common friend of McDe and Jinshe.

Obviously, Mike Wema told the truth of Kinsibury, because the latter is going to pick up from the table, call the boss. “We can’t lie to him for a long time, but we have succeeded, this is great.” Mike Wei said: “When I saw him yesterday, I was still talking to him.” I was proud of this successful prank. “

Kingsbury also suffered a new show in the NFL coach circle, although he admitted that he was not angry, but he said that the retaliation will soon come, let Macvideo are walking. Because of your dinner with your own disciples and another colleague, the team lost the championship, which is not trustworthy. But Kitberury is different. He has just entered the alliance, which may not be very familiar with the rules and business processes, so it is so stunned in McDo.

The gentleman is revenge, don’t have to look back, the ram and the red scitch are the same in the United States of the United States, and at least two times a season, Mac Wei and Jinsuri are more …

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