The robot determines the tape! MLB President, relatives, take some small alliance competitions next season

On November 6th, Beijing time, the process of robotic referee settled in the professional baseball big league was nearly a step. Among the recent public appearances, MLB President Robman Fred (Rob Manfred) said it started from the next season. The robotic referee will appear in some of the stadiums of the small alliance. Alliances are seeking to improve this automation, helping to automatically judge whether the pool enters a good ball.

So far, the automatic tape has been involved in the test in the Atlantic Alliance independent of the occupational major alliance, and the Arizona Autumn Alliance in MLB operations.

“We do our best to automatically judge a good ball: this technology does exist, and we have also mastered this foundation.” MLB president Manfred said: “In fact, we are here in the face of media interviews.” In fact, we are here The lunar season seeks important upgrade to this technology. I think we should prepare this technology at the correct point of time, which is why we are experimenting in the Atlantic Alliance. We also tested in the Autumn League of Arizona. This is also the reason why our implementation of the trial at a small alliance next year, at least we will experiment in a tappet. “

Manfred further said that the current primary task is to view this system to achieve the expected results. Only when the automatic determination system can achieve the best state, it will be used to the large alliance game. The alliance will not be prematurely launched freely when the technology is not yet mature.

The automatic determination system will record the trajectory of the ball flight, and inform the referee, the pitch just is a good ball or a bad ball. For this technology, the referee in the Atlantic Alliance Freddit Dejesus, said this is an important opportunity for competition. The prospect of this technology is worth looking forward to and can make greater impact on baseball.

However, the players who have just participated in the Arizona Autumn League in the last month did not like to automatically decide the system. There is a pitcher and catcher, and the robotic referee tends to determine the bad ball with high position as a good ball.

Obviously, this technology has a long way to go. However, it is obvious that MLB is optimistic about this technology and expects to use this technology in the baseball match. Indeed, making the right words in the game are the most important thing. In order to do this, the cost of new technologies in the initial issue is worth it.

As far as the current situation, the way to do a good job will be gradually enabled automatic determination system. Starting from the small alliance until the robot referee began in the baseball match at each level. If you can do this in a few years, when the robot referee officially enters the Great Pieza level, the players who have participated in the small alliance game will already have experience in responding to robotic referees. This will reduce the length of the player to adapt to the robot system. No matter what you like, no matter what you like, the robot referee landing the big alliance, will only be a time problem.

Author: georgesroom