The scarred cousnet team will encounter a frustration and injury to the season.

For the Chicago Winnam Team, they have more setbacks in this season. There is now one: In the US time Sunday, the Anthony Rizzo is injured in the third place. And withdrew from the game.

Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo

Fortunately, according to the latest news of the bear team, the initial X-ray results showed that there is no fracture in the ankle of the inland. On Monday, in Record will conduct further nuclear magnetic resonance checks to see the severity of injury.

This season, the hit rate of the inland is 0.289. And completed 26 book hit and 93 scores.

For the bear team, the lack of inland will have a significant impact on the team camp. At present, the bear team is hoping to be able to catch up with the St. Louis Hands of the State of China. After the wallet team, there is also hope to squeeze the wing wallet, and compete for the second season of the Milwaukee. At present, the bear worships behind the red spotted game, but only a winner of the winemaker.

Javier BAEZ is defective due to the left hand thumb fracture due to the left thumb fracture. Team pitcher Craig Kimbrel has entered the injury list due to the right arm elbow injury. There are still a lot of players who are lacking in wounded. For Chicago Bear, this is destined to be a turbulent season.

After retreat in Ribo, the pirate team has a five-point, but in the second half of the third bureau, the bear team will be more than 8-5, and finally win with a big section of 16-6.

Author: georgesroom