The superstar is falling! US Note: Owen does not change the signs of interest, the Nets only traded one option

When the famous US reporter participated in the program recorded Owen, he believed that Owen did not have a sign of turning around, and this season almost impossible to represent the Net team to participate in the competition. There are not many options left to the basket network. Although I want to trade, there is no team to pursue Owen.

Reporter Shams said: Owen is still very far from vaccination, unless he is traded by the Net Network, otherwise he will not play games, but there is currently no team to be interested in Owen, this is the Owen and the Net Network. Embarrassed results.

Owen could not follow the Netcom team in the game. This season has not participated in a formal game. For a athlete who is only 29 years old, it is in the peak of career. It is a very regrettable thing. Owen won a championship, seven times selected all star lineup, three becoming the best lineup player, and got the most valuable player of the whole star, and his regular season creative gear scored more than twenty, and it was also able to send it five times. Assistance, it is clear that Owen has reached the level of super superstars, and the javatroke is he once again proves that he has a good opportunity, but he took the initiative to give up.

Ou Lite was born in the United States in 1992, he participated in the NBA draft in 2011, and the first bit was selected.

Owen’s world is generally caught, his thinking is different, so many athletes around the world, because the athletes who resist the vaccine and give up the competition athletes can be almost. Owen’s annual salary of the Nets has exceeded 3,4 million US dollars, ranking 20 before the league, but there is no sense, but now, the basket team has the idea of ??trading Owen, but did not get any The olive branch thrown by the team, because the approach of Owen has attracted the attention of other teams, he is a big hidden danger, no team is willing to take risks for him.

At present, the score of the Nets is 15 wins and 6 losses, the winning rate is 71.4%, and the first place in eastern part.

Although the score of the Nets is not bad, the performance does not let the fans are rest assured, and the game of the strong team has almost loses. Now the gap between the front five teams in the eastern part is not big, so the first three The difficulty is very difficult. Owen’s absent competition has a great impact on the basket network, and this is a real problem, almost no solution.

Now the basketball team can only rely on the star. Durant’s field has been playing more than 35 minutes. The game is divided into the first place in the alliance, and it can be almost perfectly described, but this high intensity Arrange Durant’s playing time, will also consume his physical fitness, and this is a hidden danger. In addition, Harden is also facing a lot of problems. Although his state has a warm, but the gap is still very obvious than the effective rocket period, he has five mistakes in this season, and the first place in the league, shooting The hit rate is also the lowest in the rookie season. Nash’s coaching ability is also a lot of disease. The Net team did not form a strong whole, nor did it establish a tactical system suitable for my players. Now I can only rely on the strength of the superstar to overcome the opponent. I can use it in the regular season, but it is here. In the playoffs, these shortcomings will completely expose.

The Nets need Owen, but there is no return to the coming. The Nets and fans need to do a good job in the European text season, a generation of super superstars are really a regret because this reason is falling.

Author: georgesroom