The two major east secrets of the earth! Enabod 17 3 is terrible, Green Kai 1 points to 76 people!

In the competitive NBA alliance, any team and players will face a brutal reality, that is, it is not retreat. In the 19-20 season, it is also asked to be a league’s future top-level Green Kay, last season The performance makes all fans disappointing, this season is more detrurrant, after the end of the previous 20 regulations, only 11 wins and 10 negative records, ranked eleventh in the eastern point list, or even possibilities After the end of the season, I can’t get the quota of a playoffs, and I also played the best record of the best record in the last season, the same situation in the season, this season is not good, this Simmons’ career future is undecided and the injury before Dacon Disease, let the 76 people’s team’s record is sharp and green, only 11 wins and 10 negative records! In this NBA regular season, these two fans have encountered the team of two major East East, and the performance of the core players of this service can only be used by the worst. Germany is a cold in the attack, and
finally Green Kai also won 76 people with 88-87.

Author: georgesroom