The young man is really understanding, and the Harryburden air basket will give up the last attack, giving the Lakers’ greatest respect.

A focus war in the NBA regular season, the king of the Sacramento challenged the Los Angeles Lake. In the end, the two sides had three plus three times, and the Kings won the opponent at 141-137, got 2 consecutive victories. After this battle, the Kings still ranked 11th in the west of 8 wins and 12. The lake team is 10 wins and 11 losses, the seventh place is ranked.

This game is really too fierce. There are 5 players in both parties, and they have been hit by about 50 minutes. Fortunately, the lineup of the Kings is more young, and the endurance is better than the opponent, so they laugh at the end. It is reported that this is the King team to play 3 hours after 12 years. In 2009, they defeated the Warriors. Today, the Lakers, raising the eyebrows.

At the last moment, the King team determined that after winning, it was still very decent. Harryburun is
very sensible, the side ball is sent out, an anti-run, get the opportunity of the basket, but he didn’t choose to shoot, directly gave up the last attack, gave the Lakers a great respect.

In contrast, when we thought that the Lakers said the Thunder in the Lakers, Besley finally staged a provocative dunk, angered Russell-Westbrook, leading to conflict between the two sides, and many people gave him a compritary. Two comparisons, Harryburg’s approach is worth a little.

That is the home of the Lakers. If you still have to insert a knife again, stimulate the other’s sensitive nerves, I don’t know what happens. Since the victory has been set, there is no need to have a branch of the country. In addition, this is also the greatest respect for the opponent, with the old name of the old cards like Ribon James, Wei Shao, Anthony, 50 minutes, it is not easy, even if it is an opponent, I also pay tribute.

Author: georgesroom