Their injury Nuggets 6-game losing streak, coach: Want to be the end-game losing streak to get back in the league 2 defense

Nuggets this season can be described as the worst team in the league, no one, the injury to be their stumbling block, the team their injury. Recently, the Nuggets also suffered six straight. However, Nuggets coach – Michael Malone refused to take the injury as an excuse. According to “Forbes Sports” reporter Joel Rush reported, Malone coach believes that wanted to end losing streak, the Nuggets must regain the defensive.

Today, the Nuggets to 109-120 loss to the Bucks, Jokic, small – Michael Potter, Murray, Dozier and rookie Hyland in this field are sidelined. After this defeat, Denver 6 straight face, so far this season 9 wins and 10 losses, tied West 8th.

In these wounded Nuggets, Jokic, Murray and Hyland will return this season, but the small Potter and Dozier was worrying. The latter have been season because of injury, but recently there is news that Potter may be small due to a back injury the same season, and this is even more frustrating Nuggets fans. After all, this offseason, the Nuggets had just a small Potter and reach 172 million of five-year maximum contract. Today, their money, but may face bad deal.

Today, Denver’s only a regular starters Aaron – Gordon and Barton. In today’s game, the Nuggets 6 players in double figures, but Gordon is nothing but the highest 18 points. Similarly 6 Bucks scored in double, but the score 20 + 2.

However, Malone coach after the game but refused to talk about injuries. He said that in order to end losing streak, the Nuggets have to play defense. He understands now the Nuggets shorthanded, but the reality is
nearly 6 games, Denver’s defense was the bottom in the league. “If our defense is so bad, then the Nuggets will continue to extend the record straight,” Malone coach said.

Malone coach also mentioned at the beginning of the season, the Nuggets to win by not attacking, but by the second strong defense alliance; now, the Nuggets did not attack too much because of the shortage and backward, but the defense had disappeared.

Nuggets in the end Gairuhezou dilemma?

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