Too fun, the sun coach exhable, thinking that he will stop the warrior, walk into the field to eat

On December 1st, Beijing time, the NBA regular game was focused on the battle, and the Phoenix Sun team met the Golden State Warrior. In the end, they took 104-96 Lectra opponents, gains 17 consecutive victories, chasing the history of the
team, and ending the 7 consecutive victories of each other, and replacing the opponent to the West + League list, one battle back.

Such a peak of the peak, even if you have seen a big scene, the coach, etc., it is inevitable that it will not be calm, especially when you play frenzy, or when you are violent, you will be out of control. When the last day is less than 4 minutes, the Sun Team coach Monti Williams will make a joke, and it is can’t help.

At the time, it was the key moment of pulling the difference. Claude first cast a long two points in the right side of the right side. Chris Paul saw that he feel good, the next round continued to feed cake, Craw Germany also cast a three-point in the 45 degree angle of the left. This goal is very important to help the Sun team open a 6-minute gap with 97-91, at least two or
three rounds can be chased.

Monti Williams is too excited. He thought that the Warriors must be called suspended, so I walked into the field, and took the back of Claud, expressed encouragement. Suddenly, Monti’s footsteps live, and then hurry back. In the end what happened? It turned out that the game was still in progress, the Warriors did not call. Montti made a technical foul by the referee, and the warrior was sent a waret and was too fun.

It can be said that this is a very low-level mistake, why is Monttimer? Very simple, in that case, because of over excitement, I have never been able to think about it normally, some instinct behavior is normal. In addition, Montie is also a bit that is a bit of Steve Cole, and Cole is just a big screaming in the field. It is not called suspension, but it gives Monte illusion. . Fortunately, the Sun has finally won, if it is just a little defeated, the price of Monttie is big.

Author: georgesroom