Wadens 44 points! Pitman’s first show became a disaster Allen or

It turns out that the Buffalobir team has the worst four-guard configuration in the 32 team of the Alliance. The head coach Shien McDemot said in the team 3-47 fiasco to Baltimore Crow, after today’s painful loss, he will “carefully consider” who is on Sunday, Los Angeles Lightning The first quarter-off.

“Now, I will talk to this road or take the road.” McDotmote said: “I will consider all things, then keep optimistic mentality, make it to win the game. Decided. “Unveiled the battle against the crow, the Bill team confirmed Najo-Petrman for the first quarter-saving before the competition, but the team was not in the third quarter. And I haven’t received it, so McDermot is helpless, and the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of Joh-Allen adapts to the rhythm of the NFL.

McDotmot referred to Pitman’s performance, he promoted 24 yards in 18 pass 5 in the first three games today, sending two coputs, passing the ball to 0, and also killed 3 loss 12 yards. Such poor performance makes the coach very speechless. “To be honest, I think we can do it better on the scene.” After McDemmot, I said: “I have to look at the video, so that I better understand how they play today, then give you A better reply. “

It is worth mentioning that this loss can be loaded into the Bill’s history. This is the first half of the team in the first half since the first half since 2001, and the team has been on December 11, 2003. For the first half, the number of codes (33 yards) since the first half, and the Bill only advanced 11 yards in the first half. Today’s game, the total number of pacific propulsions in the Bill team is 153 yards, which is the rankings of the team history ranked 11th.

“It is obvious, this is not a good game, I have to get better from me. I want to return to the past, but this is a football, you can only see tomorrow, tonight is better for the future. Advance. I will continue to learn, then take care of yourself, learn from today’s mistake, continue to lead the team to advance, try to win the next game. “Petrmann came to evaluate himself.

At the third quarter, 11 minutes were 11 minutes and 22 seconds, Josh Almon replaced the debut, and the team 0-40 behind. Alan’s top 15 passes in 6, and did not be switched three times. “This is obviously not ideal,” Allen said: “I just want to find a feeling, just want to help the team’s offensive group move forward.” McDemot is alang to Allen, “I think he Throw some decisive pass, when the window is very small, he can also complete the ball. In addition, he also learned to use the footsteps, I think he has a good command power in the fast attack. Total Say we will go back to see the video and then further assessment. “

Petrman ushered in the third beginning of his career, his session showed a 5th copy in the first half, the team 24-54 lost to Los Angeles lightning. Jose-Allen is undoubtedly the future four-point guard, now the problem is how long McDemot does it takes more than the 22-year-old player, since Allen make McDotmot so fascinating, perhaps It is time to show his talent.

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