Warriors recall Thompson, Huosan and others, the last battle is a winning sun.

On December 2, Beijing time, according to the US media report, the Warriors recalled Clay-Thompson, James – Woman and Damian – Li, so that the Warriors’ lineup basically tends to be complete.

In the 2019 Warriors, Clee-Thompson was injured in a fast attack, and finally announced the reimbursement season. Before the 2020-2021 season, the Warriors officially announced that Clay-Thompson encountered alard tearing The injury, the season reimbursement, so https://www.maillotbasket6.com Thompson has been absent two seasons, and the earliest time to disclose Thompson before the Famous Journal of Adrian Walnovsky May December 21st or December Two games on the 24th. According to the schedule, the Warriors will face the Grass Course on December 21, and on December 24th.

As the Warriors last year, Warriors did not excellent performance. In the 39 regular season played for the Warriors, Wosemanda can get 11.5 points 5.8 rebound performance, although it is made up of the first Substitute, but many fans show that Huosman’s plasticity is still very strong. In April this year, the Warriors officially announced that James Whishand has accepted the right knee-free board torn repair surgery, season reimbursement, Hu Shiman, is now willing to recover injuries, and Clay-Thompson will return to the ground at the end of the https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com game.

Daman – Lee was previously put by the Warriors to the Development League team Santa Cruz Warrior, and as Tomson and Huosman were recalled together, the season has been in the season, and the Li Shu has been on the scene of 21.0 minutes, get 8.9 points 2.9 rebound 1.2 Assistance, also the good attack firepower output on the Warriors.

On December 1, the Warriors who were concerned with the media and fans were on the championship of the sun, and the warriors lobed with 996-104. Although Po was brave in this game, the Curre was not good, resulting in the warriors eventually lost. This battle battle.

In this month, the Sun and Warriors have three sorts, the first warrior will continue to open this Saturday, and the third game is arranged on December 26th, and the Warriors Tomson, Hua Sman and others will return to the game.

Many fans who have seen the warriors and the sun know that the warriors play the game to the sun, there are two most https://www.nbatrikots4.com important factors:

First, Curry is targeted by the sun

In this game, the game was 35 minutes, 21 shots, three of whom 14 in 3, free throw 1 in 1, a total of 12 points 3 rebounds 2 assists 1 steal 1 cap also sent 2 mistakes, the positive and negative value -17 The whole field is the lowest, and 4 is the case in the case of the Curre (at least) 20 times, and a large part of the reason is from the solar defense for the Curre.

But after this time, the sun did not dare to “brightly”, after all, Thompson as long as the 7 success, the sun did not dare to despise Tomson.

Second, the inner line is smashed by the sun.

In this game, the Sun has Erton and McGee, the Warrior Inner Line Luni has no way, and finally the warrior rebound 35-51, lost 16, and only Erto, just in the Warrior The inner line grabs 6 frontcourts.

Although https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Wordman returned, the warrior’s internal line is still poor than the sun, but Huosman’s return will definitely provide a certain fire to the Warrior inner line, can also bring certain defensive, always struggle than one person in Luni Warriors should have a lot.

Anyway, once this warrior is complete, their strength will definitely have a lot of improvement.

Author: georgesroom