Wei Shaozhao is cut 48 points, and Zhan Huang lacks two people to change the way, the Lakers want to return to the right track.

The NBA regular season continues. Today, the Lakers will challenge the Kings, and finally they take 117: 92 victory. Although James is missing, the Lakers has played an offensive and defense. They lag behind in the first half. In the case of more than a dozen points, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com the Kings completed the anti-super superchard, and after the end of the game, he won 25 points.

There is no doubt that this game has a very great guiding significance for the Lakers this season. On the one hand, https://www.maillotbasket6.com Woel knows how to go to the defensive end, more to enable Howard, today Howard has played 35 minutes, and the second half is mentioned in the first position, and the attack and defense play very efficient. On the other hand, the Lakers lack James after they have found the correct winning way.

After the lack of James, you will find that this game is very strong and strong. Especially Davis has become very tough in the basket today, which is very willing to see the Fans of the Lakers. Today, Davis is no longer more dependent on the middle distance or far. Instead, it is very firm to play down, and it has played a very good effect. And Wei Shao also strikes the determination of the shock basket in this game. When James is not https://www.nbatrikots4.com there, the two people must pick up the flag. The defensive end is a need for the efforts of the team.

Through this game, we can see that the Lakers slowly return to the right track, they start to find the way to win. First, from the defensive end, it is very sensible to discard Xiao Jordan. With defensive attack, power and Davis attack aggressive aggression, which makes the Lakers will be improved on both ends of the attack. When Wei Shao was too convergence while the season, he was more convergent, and more dedicated to the teammates, in fact, he ignored himself is the strong point of the offensive end. If his game is able to maintain a very strong impact basket of aggressive. Then the Lakers does not show off at least at the offensive end.

Davis will also continue the aggressiveness of this game, more put your own advantages https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com in the basket, reduce unnecessary shooting. After James returned, the Lakers should maintain their defensive strength in the second half of the game. As long as the Lakers defense has improved, then they will become more and better in the next game. The season has already played more than 20 games, and the Lakers should also return to the right track.

Author: georgesroom