What is NFL? Its status is higher than NBA!

NFL refers to the American Professional Rugby League, the National Rugby Federation has a merger with the US Rugby Federation. NFL is the first (NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA) of the four major professional sports in North America (NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA), and the world’s largest professional football big alliance, and its status and business value in the United States is higher than our Chinese fans are most familiar. NBA.

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First, development history:

In 1874, the predecessor of rugby is incorporated into the United States in the United States, 1892.

In 1920, the American Professional Rugby Association was established. top news appThe first year is renamed the National Rugby Alliance, which is the earliest NFL.

In 1960, a Union of the NFL competition, the US Rugby Alliance (AFL) was established.

In the 1970 season, the AFL and NFLs were officially consolidated, and the improper competition that transcends the spirit of physical education.10 AFL teams joined the existing NFL team to form NFL’s American bhopal news paperRugby Leading, there is also a current NFL.

After the merger, the competition who competes for the championship was changed to a super bowl and became the NFL championship.

Second, the competition system:

For 17 weeks, regular season is performed, once a week, and each team of regular sessions needs to be held in 16 games. The regular season starts from mid-September, and ends at the end of December or the beginning of the year. After the regular season, the four partition champions of the Alliance plus 2 the best second team (ie, the outside card team) entered the playoffs, the winners of the United States Union and the National Union will launch the competition of the super bowl. Finally, the championship in season.

Third, super bowl:

It is also a game of NFL to fight, and in the United States, I have been in the past, and the super bowl has been as fixed. It has become a festival of American carnival. It is one of the most eye-catching sports events. It is reported that the food consumed on that day. The amount is second only to the Western traditional holiday thanks.

Fourth, business value:

NFL business value ranks first in the four major alliances in North America, before the season, NFL will hold a performance competition outside the United States, and are loved by the world. China is not particularly cold to haribhumi news rugby, so NBA is mostly in China, but in the United States is not as rugby.

V. Well-known Star:

Quartet Tom Braddy: Seven times to get a super bowl of championship, five times to get a super bowl MVP.

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