What is the experience of a baseball match for 7 hours? These 46 players tell you what is a blanket?

Dodge player Ernande is not trustworthy, hands holding his head

Dodge player Ernande is not trustworthy, hands holding his head

A MLB game can set a 6 record, 18 games for 7 hours ago, there is no ancient people … attending 46 athletes of this epic battle today, perfect explanation is great.

A number of records were born to refresh the fans three views

Perhaps you are not a US baseball professional fan, and even a very awkwardness of the baseball rules, but today, this story is destined to load the history, so you have to understand the history of sports that has just happened.

In the third battle of the MLB World Contest ended in the afternoon of Beijing Time, Los Angeles Dodge relies on the goodbye to Mangxi, 3-2 defeated Boston’s red stocking, and pulled large score into 1-2. It is worth mentioning that the two sides https://www.trikotskaufenn.comof this game divide the victory in the Dodge Stadium, and the game consumes 7 hours and 20 minutes. Whether it is based on the bureau, it has created a new high in the history of the world contest. .

7 hours and 20 minutes, for us is basically a working day for work days, when you are in sigh, the fans of the scene are “like a pin felt”. The last match can be more than this record to be traced back to May 8, 1984, the game of Milwaukee winemakers in Chicago, and 25 hours, 6 hours, 6 minutes.

Relying on the goodbye to the hometown of Mangxi, Dodge Winning Red Socks

Relying on the goodbye to the hometown of Mangxi, Dodge Winning Red Socks

In addition, 18 games were recorded in the season, and the longest records were chased after the season. Including 9 pitters, the number of people chasing the history record of the big league game …

This battle tonight, let many professional fans https://www.maillotspascherfr.com refreshed the three views, and also let many foreign languages ??sigh the charm of baseball.

Every fighter does not give up the cast history

When the task of “https://www.mlbboutique2.com impossible completion”, many people will say “I can’t do it”, “I can’t do”, I know, this is the weak answer in the court. If you want to succeed, become the noi in the heart of the fans. .1, then, stop saying this. Be brave to accept challenges and make a fighter on a court. And this epic war is that both parties do not give up is a spiritual spirit. If a pitcher relaxes, it may be over at any time, but no one gives up! What is the wind bone with actual actions!

Clinton’s mother once warned him: “Never say you can’t do it.” Everyone in life is more like “I can do” people, not “I can’t do”. The same reason, when professional players walk into the court, any coach https://www.mlbtrikot4.com wants their players alone, hoping that the players can highly complete the tasks assigned.

The audience is sleepy.

The audience is sleepy.

But as long as it is a competitive competition, it will eventually lose, but a successful player is not how many champions have been got, but how many winds have been experienced on the way to the championship.

The great professional athlete and ordinary mortal, the biggest difference is that when the challenging task, the first reaction is not said, “I haven’t done this, I can’t do this”, but standing silently. In front of the opponent, the last second with the opponent battle.

A MLB game can create 6 records. For fans, the absolute value returns, but greater incentives are the spiritual harvest that we will never give up when we face difficulties.

Everyone can be a hero in front of sports https://www.maillotsenligne.com spirit.

There is no more, more than the exciting, forgetting me to fight hard.

The MLB star is a place of sports competitive, and it is also a place where sport athletes show hard work, showing personal image. A record of the record, the self-surpassing spirit, the tenacious style, showing the spirit of the team in the world, the spirit of the heroism, vividly interprets the spirit of sports never give up, brave, fighting, unity and struggle, for this glory , They fight!

Take the rules of the baseball competition as an example, the regular time is 9 bureaus, I played 18 games today, generally more than 3 hours, 20 minutes, 20 minutes today … The player feels pressure while feeling the pressure, there is no complaint that his luck is too bad. It has not been shocked by the opponent’s power, but a tenacious standing, and https://www.fanstore2.com
the unyielding eyes are dedicated to the audience: never give up, I will never give up before the opponent falls. , Give the opponent fatal blow.

The big screen display time in the court has passed midnight.

The big screen display time in the court has passed midnight.

Although there is still a loser, every at least will not be guilty, because he is not a opponent, but he is. The most powerful opponent is yourself.

Sports spirit is the king of the never. Regardless of the failure, we will stand strong and challenge your limit. The complaint is the fragility of humanity. Losetors can always find a lot of failure, for example, “there is no adjustment of the schedule”, “there is too much interference in the scene”, “luck is too bad”, etc. Despise the opponent.

The plan is to pressure, the strength is the capital, the complaint is a mentally wisdom, and the spirit of sports can motivate everyone.

After 16 hours and 30 minutes, the tactics of Dodge and Red Socks will appear on this venue, the next, still is the fight of the knife.

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