What is the trace of Antonio Brown training? Is it really going?

The atmosphere of Pittsburgh is getting more and more strange, because the privilege label is posted for two consecutive seasons, when the family runs Wirevie – Bell refused to report to the team, and in the training of this Monday, the star took over Antonio – Brown is absent. Only the “3B combination” only is a person in the training camp.

According to guess, Brown absent training should be related to him in the “transaction me” in yesterday. Last Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelman 42-37 did not end to Kansas City chiefs, the team rare opening ushered in two joints, and the players were very low. The live lens captures Brown’s side line and the offensive group coach Landy-Fictna dispute. After the game, the former steelman’s staff did not have a brown today, he was Twitter counterattack “is not as good as deal.”

For absence training, Brown’s broker Dru Rosenhaz only said that he has some personal reasons: “First, this twetem yesterday is not to say that Antonio (Brown) is responsible for someone he knows, nor the transaction, He didn’t want to be traded, any remarks about the transaction is a rumor. Second, Antonio has some private affairs, I also talk to the team management, his private affairs have nothing to do with the team. Third, AB has powerful Well, he just wants to win, it is like this. As for those pictures, it is just that he will win the game in order to help the coach and teammates who have excited morale. This is all explained to him, any stealing concept, any Guess, it is all nonsense. You put this little thing infinitely, and finally, we can use this. “

The head coach Tomstone said that Brown did not ask for the transaction on Tuesday. He will discuss the next few questions with this star: “I am looking forward to meeting with him, discussing (absence) and other things. I won’t explain it in detail why he didn’t train. These things are all between us. People sometimes have some negative psychology, we lose a game, then there may be some disputes under the scene, this is frustrating, this is indeed We don’t have to win the game. We all understand that you can solve it. We will use these failed experience to educate the team, so that the team is better to advance, let it become part of our forward road. ” When I was asked and Brown really wants to be traded, Tomlin said with a smile: “There is no thing.”

In the weekly interview on Tuesday, Ben Rodris Bo said that he didn’t believe that Brown would be traded, the team plans to talk to Brown and his broker on Wednesday, because Tuesday is the team’s rest day. At present, there is already more than 100 consecutive seasons for five consecutive seasons. This season Brown leads the league 33 times, and the 160 yards have been promoted.

In addition to the quarrel with the offensive group, in the last moment of the game, emotions also affected Brown. In the fourth quarter, it is 1 minute and 59 seconds. Daries in the three yards, and Brown didn’t go to celebrate with the team, but a person went back to the scene, which caused the media guess. We have no real emotions of Brown, because he did not answer any questions after losing the game, leaving the court.

“I think failure is just a setback,” Datin said: “He is an excellent external hand, he wants to be the best in the world, and he may be. I think he was very depressed, putting gas. Some of the other people, but I am very confirmed by Langdi (offensive group coach), he didn’t lose trust. “Lost Bell, now affects Brown, the best players in the two teams have problems, the team encounters Two rounds are not winning, which is not a good start for steel people wearing a super bowl in 2018.

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