Where is Grron retired? Credit Entertainment Wrestling Hollywood Star Recruitment

On March 25, Beijing, the new England Patriot’s near-Term Rob Rohb-Gronzki announced its ended his 9-year-old career. Gron has an incredible football talent, cheerful, people and good, with teammates, whether I’m still very high. As today, the fans also guess what the 29-year-old Gron will do, in fact, the future of Geron is nothing more than two stops: WWE or Hollywood.

WWE is interested in recruiting, Daggers, Golden De-Mahar

After the 2017 season super bowl patriot 33-41 After the Hawks of the Fei City, the interview was asked in the future after Golden, and the Glody Squi was a promise for the 2018 season. I saw that Grono swaying, WWE throws olive branches intention to recruit Gel Lung.

According to the “Wrestling Observer” report, WWE is intended to provide a full-time contract to Gronoski, similar to the previous WWE to sign UFC star Longda-Luxi. American Senior Media Man Dai Fu – Meze said in the radio program, once Rob-Gronosky decided to join WWE, he will enjoy a similar contract with Longda-Russ, but his income will be much lower than NFL annual salary.

Invitation to receive WWE, Gel Lung is also a little heart, soon, Grron said to the outside world, once you exited NFL, you intend to join WWE, he itself is also WWE fans, and once appeared in “Wrestler 33”.

In 2017, WWE Star Magic – Laraco left two WWEs to open the ticket, the first row of the first row, Gel La is also to come to the scene for the friend Laoli, but the two are not only a college classmate, but according to Lauri, He also recognized that Gronard’s old man was doing a dry. “His father said that I was his sixth son. I said that Gron dad is my second father. This is true.” In the game, Laoli was Jinde – Mahatl is playing in the corner, and Gelong also is inexplicably poured by Mahar, so Grona can’t restrain his stagnant, and a arrow rushed into the wrestlest to hit the Mahar. Then a hammer. At this time, the audience’s atmosphere was completely detonated, and he was well received by fans with a very good performance.

Speaking of Laoli, I also played the player of the Green Bay Package and Arizona Red Spitnts, and the mixed NFL successfully transformed into WWE after several years. Labori once said that if Groner can join WWE, it is great.

Qi Sen, State Longli, Gelong plans to enter Hollywood

Forgot the Steel Man, Flash and American captain, because the next one is saving the United States on the screen, it may be Greater.

The same is after the superstan bowl in the 2017 season, according to the “Eagle News” report in Massachusetts, Gelon plans to enter Hollywood. Multi-film-in-laws such as Dacheng, Seni and Sylvester – Stallille, throws olive branches to handsome Gron.

The professional wrestlers, Qiangson and State Long, invited Geron: “With your own board and popularity, you can take a million dollars to get a million dollars.” This is the words No.

Action film hero, coming star, live show host … If the 53rd super bowl is Gel Lung’s curtain performance, We studied all the performances on the screen so far, and explored Grony Hollywood development prospects.

In the summer of 2011, shortly after Gronard’s rookie season, Mark Walberg invited him to participate in a charity golf. This is the first opportunity to contact Hollywood stars for the first time. Several actors with “Black Taoists” with Hollywood stars, and there are several actors of “Black Taoist”: Bill Parxon and Christopher – McDonald. In these people, the best of Gorlberg is Walberg’s colleague Henry Penzi. Soon after, Gran invited Binz to a guest, Binz noticed a “star partner” poster in Gel Lung’s room. He told Gellon, one of his planners of the TV series. So Gulong asked if he can also go to the mirror, but Binn said that the TV drama has been over, you can try the “Star Partner” movie that is being taken with the guests.

Wolberg, Gronardian Brokend Bentz and Grono

Wolberg, Gronardian Brokend Bentz and Grono

Binz saw the special personal charm of Geron, envisaged him to open a new road in the film and television industry. Gessing: “Do you think I can do?” Binz replied: “Of course, you have some personality, we will try it.” So Hinz became a leader and broker of Grony’s work. In the 2014 holiday, Binz screamed Geron’s “star partner” movie. One scene was Gronard to drink, and dance with a group of girls. From then on, Gulong fell in love with movies.

Bentz starts touching Hollywood with Gulong and finds more roles. But Grono is very busy, from February to July, he has only 6 months of break, but in fact the director is happy to accept this approach to the patriot, and there is always a sentence: ” This guy really acts? “

Binz called a production person, he is making a low-cost story film “You can’t own it.” This is a murder suspension piece with a bar for the background, starring Amand-Azand and Model Joana Krupa. Director Andre – Gordon I heard that Gelron was very excited after the play: “This film is not only in social media, and now many people in the sports world are interested in it!”

Another movie tutor in Groner is Walberg, Binz said Walberg’s family is a patriot fans. He has invited Geron to watch movies, play or just let him say hello to the children. . Gron seems to be very hired, Binz also helped him find a host’s secondary business in the children’s channel. How does Wolberg tell Grony how to play movies? “Keep a focus,” Binn said: “This is what he often said to Gelong: concentrated attention, keep a focus.”

Almost every break, Gron will expose a few faces on TV or movies. In addition to “Crashletes”, Grono is still in another two sheets: Bruce – Dunn and Dennis – Richards starred in the “American violence”; Ed Helsus and Amanda – The comedy “Clarker” starring Seffree.

Like the potential new stars with other film and television, Gron also tried various roles to see what they are good at playing, not good at playing. Bentz believes that a day, Gellon can successfully transform from athletes to the actors like boulders Qi Sen and John Sener. “I looked at the old Arnold-Schwarzeneg and Silvester-Stallilong’s film grew up. After they gave the relay stick to the boulder Qi Sen and Stanson, then who will pick it up from them. Relay stick? Perhaps it is Gulong. Why can’t I have a place of Gel La? “Binz said.

In the fall of 2018, Gron actually got a role in a moving comedy star starring John Senna, and this movie named “Playing with Fire” and is not yet released. Sena played a fire captain, they tried to rescue three children. This is an important breakthrough on Gel La, but because of the new season, Gronard has to refuse Seine’s invitation.

This play started on February 5 (the next day after the end of the super bowl), as Gulong announced, perhaps he can also take the last bus of Senna. I believe that we can see Greoron’s movies in the future. At that time, you can refer to the screen to show off, “I saw this guy, he used to be NFL’s strongest close-end striker! (Tears)”

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