Why is his departure means that the Hebei team will exit the Super League?

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On November 11th, 2021, 23 o’clock in the middle of the Chinese football, all focused on the UAE of the United Arab Emirates. Here, the Chinese men’s football coach Li Tiezheng led the team and the Oman team. The battle of life and death. At this time, Li Tie’s Tie’s Super Team Hebei team also faces life and death. In this game, less than eight hours before the start of this game, domestic media exposed news, indicating that the Hebei team or will withdraw from this year’s Super League. Today, in the domestic football, the vocational clubs are frequent. This news is not surprising. Before the national football critical competition, this news did not provoke too much ripple. However, some signs have shown that this Hebei Football Club really went to the bubble intersection of life and death, this time the exit is super, really no longer talking.

On October 26, on October 26 months, a shut-off vacation notice issued by Hebei Football Club was circulated on the network. On October 28th, the official Weibo, the official Weibo of Hebei Football Club has released the news of all the holidays, which seems to have confirmed the Hebei Football Club from the official level. At that time, the outside world has a Hebei team or will exit the second phase of the competition. The latest news said that Li Jun, general manager of the original Hebei Football Club, has been transferred back to Hebei Huaxia Happiness Group, which is only a temporary part of the club. The interior of the club has also started large-scale layoffs, including business and technologies, including business and technology, have been abolished, and the Qingjun sector also has the movement of layoffs. In addition, the Korean coach group headed by Jin Zhongfu is not fixed, and the people of the Qing dynasties have picked up. Various signs show that the club is difficult to have a living. Compared to half a month ago, this news makes the outside world have almost reality, because people have interpreted the Huaxia Happiness Group or will completely give up the club.

The fund crisis of Hebei Football Club and its parent company has been long since, Huaxia Happiness has been a long time to the club, but the club is always very strong from the top of the crisis in the crisis. After the network of deadlines on October 26, the official Weibo of the Hebei Football Club has not stopped even. On November 1st, they opened the “Double 11” event of the official mall in Weibo, the theme is “Unity and Card”. The club sells related products in history, including the professional players like Zhu Ting and fans from all over the world. On November 8, the official Weibo of the club released the “a letter to the fans of the Hebei team”, expressing the gratitude to the fans.

The efforts of the players and coaches have never stopped at the team level. As early as July this year, the team China’s foot Yin Hongbo called on social media, hoping that the Hebei government, the Sports Bureau can solve the difficulties encountered by the team as soon as possible. The team players Lei Tenglong also revealed in the recent interview. In order to maintain the club operation, many staff members have delivered their daily expenses, and some people have even received 100,000 yuan, and the team participated in the Football Association of the Football Association. It is also paid by the coach group headed by the leader.

In the crisis, the club management also launched “self-rescue” by operating transformation. In this year, Hebei Football Club has signed a famous food company to become a strategic partner, helping the club’s young training. At that time, Li Jun, General Manager Li Jun, said that while stable development, Hebei Football Club is constantly thinking about how to improve and optimize business model, actively strengthen cooperation with all parties, so that the club has more Hebei elements, further strengthening the club. Geographical properties make the club healthy and develop. However, this now intends to gradually change the general manager of the club business method, and is also regarded as a symbol of the Huaxia Happiness Group determination with the club.

However, compared to the huge fund gap, the company sponsorship is just a drop in the bucket. On the way for survival, the Hebei Football Club has extended the hand of conjunction to the local government department, and hopes to completely solve the current crisis through equity mix. In April this year, the relevant part of Hebei Province took the lead in convening the “Special Dispatching Association of Professional Football Reform and Development”. It gives a clear instruction for the difficulties of the club. Requires the introduction of club reform programs to introduce state-owned capital to participate in the club operation, and encourage companies to continue investing. Promote equity mixness, promote the construction Chelsea Jersey of youth training and base construction.

One day, the first economic big city in Hebei Province, Tangshan, is expected to become the main family behind the Hebei team, Qinhuangdao, and Langfang. Tangshan City Wenbao Group will also involve the operation of the club and become the new year of the Hebei team. East. As a key to the national social football venue facilities, Tangshan attaches great importance to the development of football in recent years. Tangshan Wenxin Sports Development Co., Ltd., Tangshan Wenke Company, also has repeatedly discussed with the Hebei Provincial Football Association. Talent Training Cooperation, the construction of the Qing training team has strengthened cooperation and even identified Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey the details of some projects, but the lack of a professional football club as a leader in the middle.

In this case, Tangshan and Hebei Football Club in hand seem to be synonymous, but in the case of club, there is also disappeared in the sprout. The official blog post of the club has revealed that in the extremely difficult situation, there is no reduction in the club’s water and electricity fee in the Youth training base in Langfang City. The Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, the relevant leaders of the Langfang Sports Bureau also examined the base in mid-October, but the club’s equity reform has not progressed. From this point of view, the Hebei Football Club seeks reborn in Langfang seems unlikely. In the hard work, the Hebei team did not have the favor of other cities in the province with the brothers and lions of Football Shirts Wholesale the province. The lion team can be in Zhangzhou, but the Hebei team is still unattended.

The situation of the Hebei team today is related to the big environment in which Chinese football is getting delayed, and it is also united with its own development ideas. In the tide of Jinyuan Football, they are also followers, tides, the world’s class, the world, the world, the world’s star, the Rovic, Maschelno and Zhang Meng, Jiang Zhipeng and other a group of domestic big stars brought about Hebei football is a highlight of the time, but it is now the bad account, and the debt is entangled. The Golden Gate of the Golden Dynasty now wants to turn around through the equity mix, I am afraid it is not as easy as the small and Manchester United Jersey medium-sized club that always seeks moderate scale. This is why Jiangsu Suning is expected to die, but Henan Jianye, Shijiazhuang Yongchang has completed rebirth through equity mix.

Before the Hebei team or the news that will exit is exposed, the Guizhou team of China has just saved the wages of the salary, the chairman of the club, personally went to the training site, and the club also wage according to each player. The situation, even took out the solution to the “belonging”, to ensure that the team successfully entered the competition, and participated in the subsequent Chinese League. However, the money seems to be just a crisis of the icebergs, and the Guizhou team players have been behind the 14-month payment, which is a $ 250 million debt behind the Guizhou Football Club, which is obviously the largest stumbling block on the equity mix.

On the 12th competition, the Chinese men’s football team failed Aman, and the outlook on the outline was further dimmed. So, as the national team’s professional league? One of the tables …

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