Why is the patriot of the reconstruction period still see the team?

This era rugby is like a noun hodgepodge: RPO, simulation, dispersion attack, double high defense, etc. …

The Bill Belle Belle of the inventor of the era can choose the life of the wind in the back Braddy era, regardless of the results. Instead, Patriots – on all levels – look like a team that is difficult to deal with.

45 more violent Brown, Night Collection of Falcon, announced that patriots became the most hot team.

In the past, the patriot attacked the EPA Union First, defensive EPA Alliance Second, and the total rating of the offensive and defense and defense is the union name.

the secret to success? Just as you have won the game in the past decade. The first pass rate of the Alliance in the past month reached 62%, and the patriot had 50.4% in the first gear rate other than the shavage garbage time. Since the seventh week, all teams have played 657 RPOs and 243 bootleg, while the patriots have only 4 files and 3 files, and the patriots’ double-run guards are only 49 people and crows. Two teams with all-star full guards.

These two teams have their own unique styles in the past few years: 49 people’s outer area coverings and crows use pulling cover and quad-shift to create more punch gaps.

The patriot is obviously not that two teams have creative, and the rookie quadruption is not good at running the opponent with the ball.

Offense Coordinator Josh McDaniel chose vertical mushroom style, not transversely extended pavement, and he adopted a series of road fit to miserate the speed of the defensive frontline and the line.

The key is to use all the health and external work in the pavement attack, and the running guards enter the second layer from the inside.

This ball may be an ISO cooperation or a false fax running, and the offensive front line is redeemed by the most dangerous defensive front line, and the leader is looking for the first to guard in the gap. This gives an opportunity to run a two-way breakthrough, although it lacks a large number of overall numbers obtained on the outer rush, but it is an effective way to easily obtain the number of codes before contact.

After another leage plan, McDaniel made a change, called “WHAM” trap covering, a striker will deliberately leave the defensive cut off, letting the whole Guard will kick him. This striker came to the second floor covering guard, which created a relaxed punch path for running guards, and it also looked confused opponents.

In the seventh week, the patriot played 18 yuan in the double running array, and only one gear was hit (only twice). When four-dimensional warrant is maintained, he can effectively throw the long pass, thereby completing 8 passballs at 15 yards. Pretending the vertical road cover to make the other party’s warfare to prevent the ball, create a perfect opportunity for the whole class.

The defensive group part, this team still has the top defensive thinking of the league, and there is no Belick to find the winning advantage. In the past four weeks, the patriot is very guarded (6 defensive guard) usage is second only to Titan and Dolphins.

Enter the ball file, you can’t find a better single high person to defense outside the patriot. Only the single high use of dolphins is higher than the patriot, but the patriot is a PFF rating (90.0 ratio 73.1) and anti-transmission EPA (-0.342 ratio -0.147) to win dolphins.

Since 6 defensive defenders used for a long time, this makes the patriot’s Cover1 people are very applicable. Even if you apply Cover3, you can also see the shallow zone defecker almost perfectly find balance between the SEAM area and the edge line.

If there is no debate, it is not the defense of Belipk. Before the kick, it seems that a single high person is staring at people, and a security guard after kicking is immediately withdrawn into COVER2, and successfully robbed the opportunity in Cover1 air.

But BeliChole will make a group of defenders debut, and other configurations also have special arrangements.

Bellchk also has a new upgrade in the base formation. In recent years, the strange frontline arrangement has begun to invade NFL. Two defensive cuts are columns in the inside shoulders of the offensive cut off, and there is a huge defensive spike in the inside. The body is in contact with the body of the road, so that the wire bath does not have to contact the body too early, and it is also convenient to implement the rush.

Bellcheck’s starting line is equally special, but he chose “the foundation front line”, namely a defensive spike of the middle, two defensive cuts are listed outside the front of the offensive cut.

The patriot wants to hide the safety guard’s round conversion, let the other party can’t guess the rear division of the security guard; hide the movement of the wire guard, so that the opponent does not know which line guards will raid, which will be traited. This is a rare approach in NFL, because only three teams in the past have used more than 45 strange front lines in single high defensive.

This is more advantageous for the outer rushing person in the stamping, but it requires the line to deal with the striker during the anti-run. Although it is very difficult, this will make Javan-Bentley and Tang Dynasty-Haotao play all energy-moving to make up for the anti-running vulnerability.

Every season, there will be a team called “no one wants to meet”. Like the year this year, this team is also a patriot, just like that man has never left.


Author: georgesroom