Winning 33 points! Chinese team double kids the Japanese team to welcome two consecutive wins, Zhao Rui 27 points + 6 three points, Guo Allen 14 points!

On November 28th, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s basketball team ushered in the 2nd game of the Japanese men’s basketball team.

The first lineup of both parties is as follows:

Chinese team – Zhao Jiwei, Guo Allen, Zhou Peng, Hu Jinqiu, Wang Zhelin.

Japanese team – Li Sheng, Bimen Island Deliable, Chambs, Zhang Ben Tianjie, Evans.

Wonderful moments:

The Japanese team maliciously fouled, knocked down Zhao Rui, Zhao Rui wrist slightly wound!

Both sides:

China team-Zhao Rui cut 27 points 3 rebounds 5 assists, three of the ball 9 in 6; Hu Jinqiu 5 shots 5 in 5 rebounds, Wang Zhenlin 6 points 8 rebounds, Zhang Tanglin 17 points, Xu Jie 13 points, Xu Jie 13 points, Guo Allen 14 points, Sun Mingshi 9 points 7 assists.

Japanese team – Evans 15 points 10 rebounds, Xi Tian Youtai 10 points, temple island 16 points.

Full battle report

Section 1 competition:

Hu Jinqiu has a basket, Guo Alan plays the basket, then cause two penalty of fouls, and the Chinese team gets the perfect opening of 8: 0. The Japanese team took the lead in score by Evans, Zhao Rui continued to hit 3 points, Wang Zhelin completed the https://www.maillotbasket6.combasket, the Chinese team one wave 8: 2 pulls the difference. Subsequently, the Japanese team shore Tonglong one 3-pointed, Hu Jinqiu is punished to help the Chinese team will continue to expand the lead, the last moment of this section, the temple is a 2 + 1, Sun Minghui transistone food, Chinese team 29:10 Leading Japanese team .

Section 2 competition:

In the Japanese team temple, Guo Allen quickly gave respond, then the Japanese team continued to hit 3 points, and the Chinese team leaded only 13 points. After the suspension, Wang Zhelin has a hand, and Xu Jie hits 3 points, and the Chinese team stabilizes the advantage. Subsequently, Guo Allen’s two punishments, Zhang Tanglun’s basket, Zhao Rui once again lived 3 points, the Chinese team expanded the leading advantage to 20 points! In the second half of this section, the Japanese team Zhang Ben Tianjie two punishments, Hu Jinqiu basket, Zhang Tanglin, 3 points, Zhao Rui two penalties, the Chinese team played a wave 6: 0. Subsequently, the Japanese team Xiyu has two free throws. On the shore of Bentron, Zhang Tanglin completed the dunk, then hit 3 points, the Chinese team 53:29 Leading the Japanese team ended the first half competition.

Section 3 Competition:

Wu’s 3 points in Wu, Sun Mingshi, the Japanese team continued to punish the play. Subsequently, Xu Jie gave 3 points, Zhao Rui and Xu Jie continued to hit, the Chinese team leaded to 33 points. Subsequently, the Japanese team has a 6-point reduction points, and Xu Jie once again hits 3 points to extend the leading advantage to 30 points. After the Japanese team Chambers lived in the basket, Wang Zhelin basket was hit, Guo Allen’s basket, Xu Jie played, the Chinese team leads to 34 points. After the suspension of Evans, the two, Guo Allen two punishments, Zhou Peng’s 3 points, Zhao Jiwei counterattacked on the basket, the Chinese team leaded to 40 points. The last minute of this section, Guo Allen two punishments, Japanese team temples in the basket, the rituals have two free throws, 3 points in Xidian, the Chinese team 84:50 Leading the Japanese team ends Section 3.

Section 4 Competition:

The Japanese team played a wave of 6: 0 to zoom in to 28 points, and the Chinese team requested a pause. Subsequently, Zhao Rui was thrown out, Zhang Tanglin’s 3 points, Japanese team Zhang Ben Tianjie basket is in the middle of the temple. After that, Zhao Rui continued to hit 3 points, Zhang Tanglin’s dunk, the Chinese team a wave of 8: 2 will expand the lead to 35 points. After the Japanese team was suspended, Evans hit 3 points, Sun Minghui and Guo Allen continued, Zhao Rui once again hit three points, Zhang Tanglun’s two punishments, Guo Iron two penalties, the Chinese team finally played a wave 9: 0! With the hit of the shore of Benlong, Evans and the shore of Bundhron will live 3 points, and the game is over.

In the end, the Chinese team won the Japanese team at 106: 73, and won the World Prefecture.

Author: georgesroom