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“C Luo is in our way, just like Jordan.

In the early morning of November 3, I made the goal in the second half of the second half of C Ro, Manchester United, Manda, who was projected to the Atlanta Brigade. The two goals directly, Manchester United, the group points. The position of the list is great, and the situation is good; this selection indirectly holds the handsome position of Solskia, because the rumors rumors, if the game Man is increasing, Srskia will eat “squid package”.

Image Source: Xinhua News Agency

So, for the brothers’ kind, Sthuskia is not over.

So, C Luo really reached the “Basketball God” Jordan’s height?

From the data, C-Luo’s achievement is really bad than Jordan. Jordan 6 champion,ok google india C Luo holds 5 Champions Championships; Jordan’s total score history ranks fifth, C Ro Luo League goes history first, the total number of balls is nearly 800, and the history is the first …

In this way, C Luo feels really can be more than Jordan.

And slow, it is really impossible to talk, because the data is sometimes lie. Because both the evaluation system is different.

Jordan’s influence in the basketball industry is mainly in the NBA’s performance, which is the performance of the club. This is the most important basis for his historical position, but on the football court, there is a huge honor in influence the evaluation criteria. That is the World Cup.

Why Beli is known as the king, why is Maradona, why is Maradona called a ball king, because they have taken the World Cup, and the World Cup is the highest standard up news hindi aaj takfor evaluating football players. Unfortunately, C Luo is still not.

From the fans and a variety of selections, the historical status of C Luo is the top five. The first two is Bailey and Maradona, and the ranking behind will be all good.

So, Solskia makes C Robs Jordan, which means.

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