Wu Lei dialogue Cao Cao: After coming, I found that Chinese football is too large.

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  Recently, Cao Cao released his video with Wu Lei to eat hot pot chat in personal Weibo. Wu Lei said that China’s football and European football have been too big after coming out.

  Talking about leaving your comfort, Wu Lei said: “I wanted to go to the country very early, I have an opportunity before, but the time is not mature, I don’t come out, I feel that Chinese football is slightly trying to have a little play, but after comingIt is found that it is too big. “

  Cao Cao asked: “Where do you think it is?” Wu Lei said: “Chinese football and European football are completely different, our training mode, the operation and management model of the league, is completely Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseydifferent. I am in China.After 2Liverpool Jersey-3 coach, I have experienced five coaches in Western, I have never experienced so many coaches in China. The sense of responsibility and working attitude of Spanish young coach are completely different. It is really serious.”

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