Xiaobei is bid farewell to the social media to delete the negative energy burst or because of this

Earlier March, the Cleveland Brown team was very excited because they signed an external superstar small Odel Baker Ham, but this excitement does not seem to be mutual. After the arrival night, Beckham did not have received any public interview. If Xu Wei enters Cao Ying, it is difficult to judge his feelings. However, we look from Beibei’s performance in social media and the front teammates, his heart seems to have a mustard to Cleveland.

First, let us start from social media, this is the way Beckham likes to communicate with fans. Earlier this week, the front New York Giant took over a dynamic in Instagram, saying goodbye to social media in order to re-assess their lives. It seems to be more wronged, and it is intended to reflect on the world. However, this dynamic has been deleted by him.

“I really need some time to let the whole person relax, I want to go out to turn, organize thoughts, and re-assess some things in life, because it is too big to have recently changed.” Beckham said in Instagram: “I am very good, everyone doesn’t have to worry for me. I just tried to make all things clear, so I can take the next step of life, be the best yourself, continue to fight.”

Xiaobei wrote: “I love you very much, thank you for all the fans who are concerned with and support, but I am spending an emotional, psychological and physical fatigue period. To tell the truth, I am very grateful to my inclusive, But now, in the next few days, I may be self-closed for a while, blocking the phone to disappear. Listen me, don’t send me a message, call and videol, unless it is very very very important. “

Of course, we can’t just judge just because Beckham’s negative energy released in Instagram is unhappy, or the team is dissatisfied with him to Cleveland. However, shortly after the transaction, the giant running Weakan – Buckley also had a conversation worthwasing with Beibei. On the night of the transaction, Buckley and teammates Sterling – Xie Pud, Evan Engham is trained in Los Angeles. At this time, Bakley’s phone rang, and the face of Beckham appeared in the screen. After a few minutes, the whole world was traded by Beckham to Brown, and this time Bery is in Paris.

“We talked to Face Time, he just traded, it was not very happy. After he left, he just want to give me some personal experience and suggestions. For me, he is still the boss,” Buck Interest.

If Beishi is not happy, it is likely to be related to money. We see Antonio – Brown has been salary after being traded. According to NFL official website, Xiahe also hopes that Cleveland will give him a raise, if the Brown is not so Do it, Beckham is definitely unhappy. In addition, Beckham also said that he feels halfway when leaving New York.

At present, Beckham has not returned to Cleveland, once he and Baker Melfield, Javis-Randri, these two of his very familiar new teammates training together (and Randri is university alumni, and Mefield Training in last summer), everything is unhappy, maybe the smoke is disappeared.

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