Xisai’s blusted Messi technology level is only equivalent to the front team friend – Alpha, was steal by Paga

Former French Kuiberi Six, in an interview aaj ki today news with “Booska-P”, praised the front team friend – Alpha, he believed that teammates – Alpha’s technical level and Messi were different. And emphasized that he was a conclusion that calm analysis was drawn. Messi once led the Big Paris and Marseille game, and the Marseille was turned off by Pama. The results of the game Messi did not contribute 0 ball 0 assists, and finally 1 billion large Paris and Marseille hold hands.

Messi is currently in the game of 0 ball 0 assists in the game, and his pavilion believes that Messi has the best disk technology in history, and still can’t resist in front of him. However, Messi has not contributed to the game in the game, but also does not contribute, the team is even difficult to win. If you are in the face of Rayne, it is 0-2, according to the breakthrough technology of Messi, a dragon is not big.cnn weather delhi

But the reality has hit the face, and Messi is almost impossible to defend the opponent’s defense, and is often steal in the belt entertainment news india tv ball, and the audience will lose the ball. This makes many objective fans think that Messi’s football technology is completely some fans crazy boasts. There is no doubt that such a statement is really in line with the actual situation, and if there is such a strong technology, then the level of the law. Limited teams will not be able to do so.

Moreover, Messi is also directly steals from Pye in the face of Marseille + Marseille. The scene can be described as quite embarrassing. To know that Messi is in the big Paris, the other teams playing almost a desperate strike in this case, and Messi’s so-called technology is unfamiliar. If you don’t have the highest value of Mbpe, Mbpe, which made Messi to Messi in the Champions League, Messi can say that there is no performance in Big Paris.

Xisai’s remarks may directly say facts, well-known micromax led tv customer care number tamilnaduMessi’s strength benefits from Barcelona’s system to his full support, and Barcelona is the most expensive team in the football team for a long time. Even now Delong’s salary is higher than the salary returning to Manchester United, not to mention Messi exaggerated hundreds of millions of salary. His football level has more sources of its crazy fans deliberately rendering. However, objective fans generally think he only benefits from the Barcelona system.

Of course, this point of view has a certain reason, but it is still ignored other issues. Messi was confusing with Barcelona with Barceloni. After all, I have cultivated Messi to give him the first salary of the world, and he seems to be like the taxi to send dads in this year, it can’t understand it, and people are not understanding.

Author: georgesroom