Xiu Xiu Pitcher Sixth Bureau has no place in the National War, the Snake Series

At the early morning of July 8, Beijing time, the US duty wander has ended https://www.mlbboutique2.com a game, and the two sides of the Arizona Snake team and the Coloradoqui team. The snake snakes are unlawful, but they will be able to break the Wild Jiashou, which takes him. The snake is ultimately relying on a wave of offensive of the sixth game, and finally defeated the Rocky, the series, the series of scores, and the performance of Rocky, the performance of 50%. .

Data highlight


First, Pitcher Yang Six Bureau 71 balls, with no place to retreat, and 13.1 bureaus before his career. The Snake All team hits 8 amps, including Espoba contributes 3, Amed also has two security, including a home run.


The first firman Mizsi six games were knocked 6 points to lose 5 points, of which 4 were blamed. Luoqui only hits 4 security places, there are two homes, get 3 points, of which 4 of Stori 2, including https://www.b2bshopp.com 1 projector.

Game process

The first bureau of the two sides had only a three-game hit.

The third game of the competition, the tail snake has been leading, and Alex Yang first passed the unsatisfactory three-vibration, and then passed the ball mistake to the second base, and the team was played back to Wang Eheskibaian. The first point of career. The three games ended, the snake is 1-0 lead.

The two bodies of the two sides were all three three, but the Maquis sixth game came up, there was no way to control the situation. He first guaranteed Martt, and the Eshkibaian was pushing, Walker also knocked out The tail spraeni is two points. The snake offensive did not end. The two homes after Ameide were brought to the end of the Sixth.

The snake seven games have been replaced by Yang Shuqi, and Yang Sheng, the https://www.maillotspascherfr.com first 13.1 bureau accumulated only 3 security, lost 1 point. Pingye Jiahou is very unrestrained, the first ball is knocking out by Stori, so it is good to solve the three people after him, although there is no food, but fortunately, no team is dropped.

The eighth bureau of Rocky, I recruited two points, Yang Ni Tower hit two homes, which is the sixth bombard of his season, but it is good to settle in the slam of the snake cows. Reynolds and the first batter Blackmont ended this half.

In the ninth game, Holland was hit by Storley, so he was so stable in a timely, three three times, the rescue of the rescue of the season, the snake final 5-3 victory The series 3-0 swept the opponent, and also stepped on the opponent’s head to the second place in the National Association.

Both sides

Arizona Snake

First stick left outer https://www.mlbtrikot4.com wilder Carrod Dai Sen

The second stick Chinese and foreign wilder Kittel Mart

Third stick, two bases Edward, Eshkiba

Fourth stick, a barrier, Christian-Walker

Fifth rod right outside field Adam – Jones

Sixth sticks, three bases, Jack-Lam

Seventh Bar Guardian Nick Amad

Eighth Bar Catcher Alex – Avila

Ninth stick, Alex-Yang


First stick right outside field, Charlie-Blackmont

Second Bar Guer Trevo Stori

Third stick, Lord, Noland – Arena

Fourth rod left outer wilder David – Dar

Fifth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Ian – Daysmond

Sixth stick, a barrier, Daniel, Murphy

Seventh stick twoth 手 莱恩 – McMama

Eighth sticks Tony Waters

Ninth stick Herman – Marques

Next look

After the two teams, the team of two Kingzhong District will go to St. Luus to challenge the red bird, https://www.mlbdrakterno.com and the front of the row will wait for them. Rocky is the challenge of welcoming the Red Squad in your own plateau course.

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